Elden Ring: How To Beat The Fire Giant (2023)

By Camille Holder


The Fire Giant is one of the most difficult enemies in Elden Ring, but this guide will help you beat this enemy easily.

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The Fire Giant boss in Elden Ring is a flammable titan of immense strength, which rewards players with 180,000 Runes and the Remembrance of the Fire Giant upon defeating him. This consumable item is quite a useful one, as it can be sold for 30,000 Runes or given to Enia at the Round Table Hold to unlock the Giant’s Red Braid or the Burn, O Flame Incantation. Defeating the Fire Giant is no easy task, however, as he is one of the more difficult bosses in the game.

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Putting forth the strength you have accumulated throughout the game will be crucial when taking on this terrifying boss. Unlike other boss battles in-game, the Fire Giant’s phases are polarizing and unexpected. Therefore, you will need to learn different skill sets and strategies for each phase. Every boss has their weaknesses, and as intimidating as the Fire Giant is, there are surefire ways of beating him. This guide will show you how!

Updated by Nathan Round on 9th January 2023: We have updated this guide with new details to aid you in the battle with the Fire Giant in Elden Ring. We have also incorporated useful images to provide better context on where the Fire Giant's weak points are.


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Before entering the arena, it is important that you have made preparations for the upcoming battle. Even though the Fire Giant's battle will begin with him far off, his ranged attacks are devastating. Be evasive, and do not underestimate his massive reach.

  • Torrent in the quick-use menu: During the battle, the Fire Giant rolls back or juts away from the player. Torrent will allow the player to be horse ready, proving useful for quickly closing the gap between the Fire Giant before he attacks
  • Be at least level 110: Even though the Fire Giant can be conquered at a lower level than 110, it’ll be considerably difficult. This can be obtainable by grinding in-game beforehand.
  • Choosing the right armor set: The Fire Giant predictably deals a ton of Fire and Strike damage. Choosing an armor set best equipped for handling this type of damage is recommended beforehand. Utilizing parts of the Blackflame Monk set, Malformed Dragon set, and the Bull Goat armor set will provide you with Fire and Strike resistance.
  • Tell me Fire Giant, do you bleed?: Unsurprisingly, the Fire Giant is completely resistant to Fire and Holy damage, as well as many status effects. However, he is susceptible to Bleed damage. Make use of the best Bleed builds for an added damage bonus. Frost damage is also another known weakness.
  • Choosing the right Ash Spirits: Ash Spirits are great for avoiding the Fire Giant’s attacks and keeping him occupied. However, ensure you choose one with a great deal of health, damage output, and fighting ability. Lhutel the Headless is a great Ash Spirit to consider due to her ability to tank damage and fighting prowess.

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Phase 1

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The Fire Giant's main advantage is his hulking size, and he can strike the player from a considerable distance without it being classified as a ranged attack. The biggest key to keep in mind is to close the gap between you and the Fire Giant, as his attacks from afar are very difficult to evade.

  • When the Fire Giant sticks his shield into the ground: The best bet to avoiding damage from this maneuver is rolling the moment he hits (or dismounting Torrent if on horseback). The small sliver of time the player is invincible is the key to survival when this occurs.
  • Swinging of the shield: When the Fire Giant starts to swing his shield, it’ll pave its way on the ground, making its way towards the player. This attack has a lot of range and is difficult to evade, but possible. Double-jumping with Torrent is your best bet at dodging this attack. Without Torrent, try rolling out of the way.
  • The Fire Giant’s feet: Keep in mind that besides closing the gap between the player character and the Fire Giant, another key component is to linger between the Fire Giant’s feet. It might seem incredibly dangerous to pull this off, but this automatically disables the Fire Giant from inflicting his most dangerous attacks.
  • The Fire Giant’s manacle: Both of his ankles are decorated with a manacle. One of them keeps him safe from attacks, while the other one does not. Hitting the unprotected manacle briefly causes the Fire Giant to be stunned once it’s been broken. Anytime the player inflicts damage on that ankle with the broken manacle, the damage the Fire Giant absorbs is now increased, so use this to your advantage as much as possible.
  • New attacks: After breaking the manacles, the Fire Giant will release a new set of attacks. One of these attacks will involve exploding fires. Luring it away and avoiding its touch is key -- and not very difficult, considering its slow speed. The next attack is a ball of fire that’s launched from the Fire Giant’s hands. Unlike his first new attack, this one is extremely fast and hard to evade. The only way to avoid this is to dodge it by rolling to the side when the Fire Giant raises his palm.

Phase 2

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Brace yourself because the second phase of this fight is drastically different from the first, so let go of previous dodges and attacks and prepare for new ones. A brief cutscene will ensue, and the Fire Giant’s leg will break underneath him. Through his own volition, the Giant breaks his limb off in a fit of rage before burning it. Another face can be seen on his body at this stage, making it appear as if he has two heads. During this part of the boss fight, the Fire Giant will be less mobile but will deal a lot more Fire damage.

  • Focus on the toes: Hitting his ankle was the primary focus of the previous phase. Now that the Fire Giant is crawling with fewer limbs to fixate on, it's time to focus on other parts of his body. The primary weak point at this stage is the foot of the Fire Giant's remaining leg.
  • Do not stray: Even though this phase differs from the first, one of the few things that remained the same is that straying away and creating a larger gap is deadly. Do not go far, and his attacks will not be as devastating.
  • Leaning motion: If the Fire Giant leans forward, he’ll press his hands on the ground and burn the surrounding area. This perimeter he creates will explode, so avoid them as much as possible. Accidentally getting hit by this attack will keep the player in a vulnerable position, thus making you more susceptible to alternate attacks.
  • Blazing fire: Another attack the Fire Giant performs is when he leans backward, erupting flames from his second mouth. Make use of your dodge roll to quickly move either side of the flames.

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